Frustrated by the Complexity of IT?
Worried about Cyber Attacks?
Need help with email deliverability issues?

Because technology is always changing, many small businesses find it difficult to manage their complex IT services with confidence. Not all companies are fluent in the latest technology. They often underestimate today’s cyber threats, leaving them vulnerable to serious cybercrime and costly downtime.
Green Bay Tech Support provides small businesses with exceptional, Managed IT Services, and modern technology solutions to maximize productivity. At Green Bay Tech Support, we make sense of what others can’t. We keep computer systems – and small businesses – running smoothly with on-site and remote, Managed IT Services.

Ransomware IS preventable. Ask us about our $1M ransomware guarantee with Sentinel One. Warranty Information.

Green Bay Tech Support provides a full range of information technology solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

Email and Collaboration

  • Microsoft 365 setup, maintenance, and monitoring
  • Google Workspace setup, maintenance, and monitoring
  • Email Security solutions with Avanan by Checkpoint Security, Proofpoint, and other protective measures.
  • Data Loss Prevention to protect your confidential data.
  • Managed DMARC for email brand protection from ransomware

Cybersecurity Services

  • Vulnerability Management Services
  • Cloud Security Solutions
  • EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) with Sentinel One Complete or CrowdStrike Falcon, AI-driven Cyber Security platforms
  • Network Security for NextGen Networks
  • Duo Security MFA setup to protect accounts from breached credentials.

Risk Assessment and Compliance

  • Cybersecurity Consulting
  • IT Risk Assessment
  • HIPAA IT Compliance Services
  • Network Security Auditing
  • Vulnerability Assessments and Management.

Networking Services

  • Managed Wi-Fi Services
  • Managed NextGen Firewall Services
  • Managed Network Services
  • Content Filtering with DNS Filter – Prevent DNS layer attacks and filter internet content with TLS-encrypted DNS.
  • Internet Service Provider relationship management.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

  • Workstation/Server Data Backup and Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Cloud Backups

Support and Management Services

  • IT Help Desk- Local Technicians!
  • IT Training and Education
  • 24/7 IT Systems Monitoring
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Small Business IT Support
  • Managed Software Updates
  • Proactive Maintenance

Microsoft 365

  • Migrations and New Business Setup
  • Microsoft 365 Maintenance
  • Secure Score Best Practices Implementations.
  • Microsoft 365 Support
  • Microsoft Teams Support

Infrastructure Management

  • Remote Server & Workstation Monitoring
  • Network Infrastructure Troubleshooting, Planning, Monitoring & Optimization
  • IT Vendor Management
  • IT Asset Management
  • Hardware Maintenance for Laptops, Desktops, Servers, and Networking Hardware
  • IT Documentation Services



Protect your confidential information and shield your customer’s accounts from prying eyes. The increasing volume of cyber-attacks over the past 10 years is considerable. Internet threats have evolved from one-off incidents caused by fame-seeking hackers to organized attacks by cyber terrorist parties seeking profit. Green Bay Tech Support has the knowledge to secure your business against these malicious sources and help prevent damaging attacks that can be crippling to a business.


How much are you paying your employees to watch an hourglass? A bottleneck in your business environment can cost thousands of dollars a year in lost productivity. Eliminating these bottlenecks and increasing overall efficiency through Green Bay Tech Support’s proven methods will immediately yield tangible results. Gain productivity, increase employee morale, and decrease frustration by inviting Green Bay Tech Support to find solutions to your business needs.


Fighting through a technical nightmare? Trying to fight through complicated business networks blindly can not only be frustrating but incredibly detrimental to the efficiency and security of your business. Green Bay Tech Support knows how to safely address these issues and implement countermeasures to prevent the same problems from occurring in the future. Our ideal client wants to focus on building their business and not day-to-day IT issues.


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Learn how to use Google Workspace and see how AIM can be your solution to maintaining healthy systems and networks. Discover how PLEXUS can meet the demands of your business now!

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Your security is our top priority. We provide state-of-the-art Endpoint, Email, and Cloud security solutions along with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services.

Image of a computer with people connecting together using it.


Remote network and computer/server monitoring services are available through Green Bay Tech Support. 90% of your IT needs can be handled without an onsite presence, streamlining your IT Managed Services and resolving issues faster.

Image of a Managed IT Services Technician working on an issue while smiling.


We do not outsource our support. Period. All of our support specialists live in the Green Bay area and know the unique business relationships that must be nurtured responsibly.

Image of a computer connecting to the cloud and doing work.


Whether you have a distributed remote workforce, an office, a warehouse, a production facility, or a combination of those, we have solutions for you. Do you have two buildings within line of sight of each but have their own internet? We can wirelessly connect them, and you can ditch the second bill!

Image of some dots connected together, depicting a mesh of components.


Firewalls, routers, switches, wireless access points, and other connectivity hardware can be sourced and managed through Green Bay Tech Support. We work with internet service providers and will ensure you are on the best plan for the lowest cost.


ABOUT Green Bay Tech Support

Green Bay Tech Support Fixed All Our Issues

I own a business and have struggled with internet consistency for years. I’ve called ATT and geek squad and both were unsuccessful at solving the problems. Green bay tech support fixed all of the issues and more in a professional manner, and explained everything to me in a way I could understand (I’m not tech saavy) I would definitely recommend using this service. My life is going to be much easier now that my business will be able to run uninterrupted.
– Lisa Peewee

A Solid Partner

Knowledgeable, creative, responsive! An overall solid partner for our growing company’s technological needs!
– Steven Haase

Very Friendly

Very friendly and knowledable.
– Josh Schultz

Strongly Recommend

Great knowledge and always there to help. I have been working with Josh & Jacob for over a year and would strongly recommend them!!
– DJ Dell

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Allow us to help you get your systems up to date with the latest technology solutions! We will obsess over the aspects of the technology to make sure it is the best fit for your business needs. Quit using technicians who aren’t keeping up with the fast-moving technology of today. Contact us now!

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