Specializing in business security

Protect your confidential information and shield your customer’s accounts from prying eyes. The increasing volume of cyber-attacks over the past 10 years is considerable. Internet threats have evolved from one-off incidents caused by fame-seeking hackers to organized attacks by cyber terrorist parties seeking profit. GBTS has the knowledge to secure your business against these malicious sources and help prevent damaging attacks that can be crippling to a business.


How much are you paying your employees to watch an hour glass? A bottleneck in your business environment can cost thousands of dollars a year in lost productivity. Eliminating these bottlenecks and increasing overall efficiency through GBTS’s proven methods will immediately yield tangible results. Gain productivity, increase employee morale and decrease frustration, invite GBTS to your business.


Fighting through a technical nightmare? Trying to blindly fight through complicated business networks can not only be frustrating, but incredibly detrimental to the efficiency and security of your business. GBTS knows how to safely address these issues and implement counter measures to prevent the same problems from occurring in the future. Anything from Blue Screens of Death to major network infrastructure problems is within our scope.

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