About Us

We make sense of what others can’t.
We are driven by technology and thrive on the cutting edge, giving us a unique perspective to implement technology as a powerful toolset for any business. Our team’s 25+ years of combined experience allows us to take on a large variety of projects. With this knowledge; we specialize in contouring new technologies to fit the expanding needs of our business clients.

Business Security Experts

We understand your frustrations when things don't work as intended... Anyone who has tried to setup a business network without training may be scratching their head trying to figure out how to get it to work. This is a very dangerous approach. Network security does not just happen. The network needs to be structured with this thought in front of all else. Leave this to the Professionals.


When your technology is not working for you then it's time for a change. The entire point of technology is to use it to increase productivity, revenue, and put more to the bottom line. Emergencies, projects, upgrades... no problem. GBTS has you covered.


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