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Today’s businesses are driven by technology. Productivity depends on reliable IT networks, secure cybersecurity and sophisticated communication and collaboration solutions. Since 2013, Green Bay Tech Support has provided modern technological products that are essential to small business operations and success. Green Bay Tech Support makes sense of what others can’t. We are driven by technology and offer select IT products customized to a business’ cyber needs and existing infrastructure.

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  • Google Workspace, a custom business Gmail and online collaboration tools
  • Microsoft 365, the premier business collaboration suite.
  • AIM, an affordable IT monitoring solution for any business environment.
  • Cloud backups, most cloud providers do not backup your data, we do.
  • Cyber security tools, an absolute need in the modern age.

Google Workspace

Get to know everything included in G Suite, such as business email, online file storage, shared calendars, and video meetings. Choose a product below to see related learning materials.


A completely affordable IT solution for any business environment. AIM is the only solution that allows you to pay for the one thing your company needs most, Uptime. AIM will constantly monitor the health of your systems and network. Fixing most issues before they become problems. They also have built in Disaster Prevention, automatically sending alerts when hardware shows the first signs of failure. Allowing your company to repair a machine before crucial data is lost. Protects against Data Theft & Fraud. Compromised records cost companies thousands of dollars every day in lost and stolen data. AIM can detect intruders and can lock down vulnerabilities. If data is stolen or an attempt is made AIM can provide valuable data for prosecution.


Base Agent
Includes hardware level monitoring of PCs and servers. AIM will generate alerts regarding performance and security issues. Allowing proactive maintenance to be performed and help minimize down time.

AIM + Core
In addition to the benefits provided by the AIM Base subscription, AIM Core provides crucial improvements for the Microsoft Windows™ operating systems and productivity suites like Office™.  Keeping your business secure from common exploits targeted at out of date PCs.

AIM + Assurance
Is the top tier of the AIM product suites, it includes everything from AIM Core, and upgrades many popular 3rd party programs. AIM + Assurance will routinely improve common 3rd party applications that are frequently exploited and compromise security.



A full coverage, independent wireless networking solution. Able to cover virtually unlimited square footage and handle hundreds of simultaneous connections. The GBTS Wi-Fi system is the most robust solution available to meet the demands of today’s wireless devices. Plexus offers auto meshing wireless networks. Multiple SSIDs can be confusing and frustrating to your employees and guests. The need for multiple wireless network names is now a thing of the past. No more searching for a stronger signal every time someone ventures too far from the first access point they have connected to. Now your employees and guests can connect to a single concurrent connection throughout your business. All access points will broadcast the same SSID and handoff wireless devices to the next closest access point when it becomes available, with no interaction required by the end user.


Virtually Limitless Expandability
As your business needs grow, so do your wireless needs. An existing GBTS Wi-Fi system is easily expandable and upgradeable without the need for a major overhaul. Our solution is based on a “no ceiling” model, meaning no matter how big your business grows, your wireless solution will be able to grow with it, accommodating thousands of access points if needed. Adding another access point to cover a new area, or upgrading the speed of your wireless connectivity is a zero down time project. 

Secure Network & Guest Access
Security is the top priority at any business, a single breach can be devastating. Keep your private information from prying eyes without sacrificing guest amenities like free Wi-Fi. A single access point or an entire mesh network can broadcast multiple independent private and public networks.

Eliminate Downtime
Wireless access going down can be a major bottle neck in productivity. A major benefit of our meshing network is not only being extremely resilient, but the ability to compensate for a failed access point in the rare event of a failure. Without any input from the end user, any traffic is seamlessly handed off to the next closest access point until the faulty unit can be replaced.


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